Fight for Fairness CT is a coalition of parents, teachers, and community leaders fighting for fairness and equity for our scholars and our schools. 

In Connecticut, students in some public schools get more state support than those in other public schools. That's fundamentally unfair. We have a responsibility to ensure that every child, no matter her race, zip code, or family income, is treated equally under the law.

Connecticut's public charter schools are working wonders -- they have a proven track record of preparing some of our most underserved and highest-need students for success in college, career and life. 

But despite these amazing results, Connecticut’s public charter school students are given less funding and are treated unfairly under the law. Though they are public school students like any other, each charter school student is given 26 percent less – or 74 cents on the dollar – compared to their peers in traditional public schools.

This has to stop. Our state’s leaders need to state in no uncertain terms that further cuts to education funding are not on the table.  It’s time to treat ALL public schools equally. It’s time to fight for fairness.

Keep up with the latest on our blog. Learn more about education reform in CT by reading our new white paper, "Schools are for Kids." 



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