This is huge news.

The decision by Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher on September 7th has the potential to "fundamentally reshape public education in Connecticut" according to the NY Times.

"Reading his ruling from the bench for more than two hours, Judge Thomas Moukawsher of State Superior Court in Hartford said that “Connecticut is defaulting on its constitutional duty” to give all children an adequate education.
Judge Moukawsher’s decision was a response to a lawsuit filed more than a decade ago that claimed the state was shortchanging the poorest districts when it came to school funding. What separates the decision from those in dozens of similar suits around the country is that rather than addressing money only, it requires the state to rethink nearly every major aspect of its system.
“This is a game changer,” said Joseph P. Ganim, the mayor of Bridgeport, Conn., one of the state’s poorest and lowest-performing school districts. “It’s an indictment of the application of the system, and of the system itself.”

We will be monitoring the response to this decision closely, and will keep our supporters up to date as the situation develops.

Read the full story here at the NY Times: