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Why Public Charter Schools Must Be Fairly Funded After CCJEF


Judge Moukawsher’s ruling in Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell called for a fundamental shift in the way Connecticut funds its public schools.

The CCJEF ruling established that the state’s funding system has had a disproportionate, deeply negative impact on  African-American, Latino, low-income and other high-need students in the state’s most underserved communities, in violation of Connecticut constitution and federal law. According to Judge Moukawsher, Connecticut’s broken school funding system “makes a mockery of the state’s constitutional duty to provide adequate educational opportunities to all students.” 

The court’s ruling CCJEF v. Rell is a clarion call for action from Connecticut’s leaders to fully invest in high-need children and provide them with a constitutionally adequate education. This means that the public schools educating these children must be funded fairly.
This paper builds off of the landmark decision in CCJEF v. Rell. In it, we argue a clear case for fairly funding public charter schools, which have consistently  delivered excellent results for high-need families. 

Any state response to the CCJEF ruling that does not include fair funding for public charter schools should be viewed as a failure to invest in some of the most traditionally underserved students in Connecticut. 

Download the full paper here.